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The Secret for a Healthy Economy.- Is a balance between production and consumption. The concept is simple and to take it to real life implies coordination among all members of society. If there is not such coordination, then there is no society. That is a principle, a foundation or root cause of why we are supposed to be together as social beings. When producers, -people that produce- are seen ALSO, as the consumers -which they should be-, the MARKETS to sell what they produce ARE THEMSELVES. There is no need to look for markets elsewhere, UNTIL they have excess production REQUIRED in those other places. What producers make is called SUPPLY and what they require for their living is called DEMAND. Balance between SUPPLY and DEMAND is very important to calculate what a society WILL NEED in the coming years to AVOID crises, due to lack of resources.

Where are the poor people? There are no poor people. For one very escential reason, a selfish one if you wish, but better to be clear: poor people DON'T PURCHASE, or purchase little. To sell more, POOR PEOPLE MUST NOT EXIST. It is about HAVING ANY POOR PERSON trained and EMPLOYED. It is bad business to have poor people. He who is proud to be a good business person, must be proud to not "produce" poor people. Poor people are the result of poor planing. An economy must be an atractive place for investors and for workers. Profits come from good businesses and good businesses come from not only big sales, but well planned economic structures. If you leave 5% of a price for labour, which are also your clients, you are not giving them enough strength to PURCHASE. Remember that what you pay to your workers RETURNS next day and during the following days. So you never lose the money payed in labour. You never lose the money payed in anything, if you plan carefully to whom you are going to pay. That plan must consist of "socio-economic" structures woven or linked to drive funds correctly to all the economic activities a country needs. It is not that the GOVERNMENT plans all that. We know that doesn't work. The market is FREE, but markets are there to be satisfied, with good quality products. Supply obeys to demand not to blind commands from any organization. The demand is in general well known because what families need is quite well known. Present suppliers suffer from a war of prices due to inferior quality raw materials and the wrong belief that they should pay almost nothing to workers, "BECAUSE" their workers ARE NOT CONSUMERS, and their product is not to be sold locally but "INTERNATIONALLY" as if that was better. But customers are people and they all want good things. No mystery in that. What people need is already listed in the CPI or consumer price index. Around 350 items of all kinds from foods to services, including amusement and school, travel and even alcohol and cigarretes. The principles of a SOCIAL MARKET ECONOMY are not new, they have been put into practice most recently in 1949 in Germany until this time and the results of such economic model is clear, there is no doubt that it works very well.

This site doesn't have the intention to replicate what is already in the web. You can find literature easily on SME. But what this site does is to serve as a HUB to exchange all kinds of business oportunities. We don't place advertisements, to maintain the operation of the site. This is a social service, financed from donations. We don't have a button to "donate". The thanks from people come without trouble. And likewise, flows to your home the products you need, as well as requests for the products you make.

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